Outdoor Playground Dinosaur Equipment For Sale

First of all, this article is mainly on purpose of stating that the improvements on the walking dinosaur costumes, as the season of summer is coming, the temperature is hotter and hotter, so the fans we normally used on the realistic dinosaur costumes are not that well in this aspect, our technicians decided to adopt the new high power fans instead of the old ones, the results are that the operator inside will feel so comfortable as being in the room of AC.

Playground Dinosaur Equipment

Fortunately, some customers did make the order on the dinosaur costumes during this period, and our workers make the improvement on those orders, all of us are satisfied with the changes, let alone the customers, now those dinosaur costumes can be perfect for all kinds of weather, no matter cold or hot, and no matter the clients order those hidden legs dinosaur costumes, or visible legs ones.

What’s more, we also replace the speakers with the subwoofers, so the sounds of the dinosaurs will be as real as possible, and there will be 7 types of sounds can be available to be selected, besides, we customize the two of the T-Rex costumes into different patterns, then it will be fitful when using in the desert, so grasp the time to contact our factory to have your own walking dinosaur costumes now.

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