Outdoor Amusement Games Customized Animatronic Dinosaur Robot

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Specific to the usage, the animatronic dinosaurs or animals will be perfect for indoor or outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls, amusement parks, dinosaur theme parks, public parks, museums, plazzas, etc; and our dinosaur products get the articulate certificates of CE&BV&ISO9001:2008.


Therizinosaurus dinosaur


The materials used for dinosaurs are not practical, but also very friendly and environmental enough, we normally use stainless metal steels, CE motors , non-poisonous silicone rubbers, high density sponges; the dinosaurs can be available for diverse weathers, by resisting rains, sunspot, snows, storms, all those kinds of extreme weathers, so the animatronic dinosaur robots are all waterproof, sunproof and snowproof, by the way, the temperature will be ranging from -20° C to 40 ° C.


Animatronic Therizinosaurus dinosaur


One matter needing to be noticed, the dinosaur colors may fade when exhibiting outside after several months, but do not worry, we will always provide enough maintenance pigments to help the clients to re-paint the colors, the dinosaurs will be back to life again.


Funny Therizinosaurus dinosaur


Manufacturing process: Drawing — Material preparation — motor wiring — sensor installing — Frame welding — Antirust  processing– Electrical appliance adjusting  — Backing laying (sponge) — shape sculpture –Texture caving –skin making — Color painting. realistic dinosaur costume