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Our record of theropods deteriorates after the Early Jurassic, and we do not get a really good skeleton until some forty million years later in the Late Jurassic. We do know that elephant- sized brontosaurs were around not very long after the beginning of the Jurassic, in the Sinemurian Age. Animatronic dinosaur costume But something is out of whack, because I have not been able to find a sure record, or even a tface, of theropods large enough to hunt brontosaurs on a regular basis at that particular time. Theropod evolution may well have lagged behind that of the herbivorous dinosaurs, although I cannot think of a good reason why. Among other plant eaters, modest-sized, armored ornithischians were supplementing the swift gracile ones at this time, and there were small- to medium-sized theropods on the scene to hunt them. small, longfingered theropods, such as, oasis-and-dune-dwelling segr'saurus, started climbing with their divergent inner digits, perhaps the first stage toward bird flight realistic dinosaur costume.


About 180 million years ago, in the Middle Jurassic, another giant meteorite impact may have thrown a dust cloud around the world. A short time later we finally find records of big theropods such as rhino-sized Megalosaurus and other species of intermediate form and varying sizes in Europe, china, and Argentina. walking dinosaur costume The first certain avetheropod-nose-horned proceratosourusis also found here. Toward the end of the Middle Jurassic. in the oxfordian Age, the record of predaceous dinosaurs improves dramatically and we have theropod faunas that we can really sink our teeth into. Recent Chinese finds have given us the beautiful Metriconthosaurus skeletons of the early Late Jurassic. These big to gigantic paleotheropods lived among herbivorous plateand- spike-bearing stegosaurs and giant brontosaurs.

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