J.Gunnar Andersson and Otto Zdansky in China

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J.Gunnar Andersson and Otto Zdansky in China

J.Gunnar Andersson, a Swedish geologist, was invited by .the Chinese government in 1914.  Animatronic dinosaur As an appointed mining advisor, he traveled a lot across the northern and northwestern region of China to inspect mining operations.. Apparently, these travels made a very strong impression upon him as he decided to wrote the book “Daughter of the Yellow Land” to express his feelings. Anderson made a collection of a few cultural relics and vertebrate fossils during his journeys. Because of a need of an assistant for paleontological excavations and identifications of fossils, Andresson wrote to his friend Carl Wiman, a well-known Swedish paleontologist of Uppsala University.


Wiman told Anderson that his teaching duties and work at the Uppsala University make it unable to go to China himself. Instead, Animatronic dinosaur for sale he sent a young Austrian paleontologist Otto Zdansky to work with Andersson in Peiping ( Beijing) . Zdansky arrived in Beijing in June of 1921. The first project that Andersson proposed to Zdansky was exploration of Zhoukoudian. This place has become known as the site of “Peking Man” , designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1922, Zdansky found two teeth that appeared to belong to the Peking Man later on. Subsequently, Zdansky visited Shandong where he excavated dinosaur bones in the Mengyin County. Zdansky’ s excavations became important for future advancements made in Chinese vertebrate palaeontology.


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