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One biologist ran assorted lizards


Recently, one biologist ran assorted lizards from the same region under the same conditions and timed them. walking dinosaur costume The fat, shortlimbed ones ran just as fast as the slender, long-limbed species! What really adds insult to injury is something that has been known for a long time but rarely discussed-that lizards, stout and light ones alike, can outrun such advanced and very gracile hopping desert rodents as the kangaroo rat.


Well, one may think, these are small animals. Limb design must have more effect on large animals. Mechanical dinosaur But exactly why having gracile limbs would not increase the speed of kangaroo rats, while it would for kangaroos, has not been explained. Besides, there are the bears. With their short, flat feet, short lower limbs, and fairly straight joints, they have all the hallmarks of real clunkers. But bears do not cooperate with theory. They can achieve a full, fast gallop, and have been reported to outsprint horses and elk for short distances. And as we already noted, it has not been possible to demonstrate that the big, less gfacile ungulates are statistically slower than the small, slender forms.

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