Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition

The characteristics and scale of animatronic dinosaur exhibitions

It is the exhibitions related to animatronic dinosaur products, being full of knowledge popularization, enjoyment and entertainment. Usually held in commercial business like real estate, shopping malls, squares, festivals, theme parks, museums, science and technology museum.

Exhibition products are mainly containing animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic dinosaur fossils, animatronic dinosaur specimens, paleontologic animatronic modes. Exhibition dinosaur models are deeply loved by yongsters because of its realism and vividness.

Very Attractive Dinosaur Exhibitions

Features: Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibitions are always full of certain knowledge, which can allow to popularize the knowledge of natural science, people can learn about the knowledge related to animatronic dinosaurs.

Interaction: animatronic dinosaur exhibitions have a variety of funny games, not only can experience the momentum when riding on the animatronic dinosaurs, but also can try to protend to research dig dinosaur fossils as a scientific staff, to explore the mystery of animatronic dinosaurs, what’s more, people can play the hide-and-seek game by hiding in the dinosaur eggs.

Popular Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibitions

Installation simplicity: the exhibitors just need to site arrangement and the security during the exhibition, and the animatronic dinosaur products can be leased or purchased from the dinosaur manufacturers.

Positive advertisement: dinosaurs exhibitions can attract consumers at the first sight, which play a great role for increasing the publicity and expanding the influence range.

Large-scale dinosaur exhibition: this kind of exhibitions are always filled with a large number of dinosaur spieces and big area, it is provided with a wide range of publicity, rich interactive activities, most of them are held by dinosaur-themed parks, science and technology museums and other large museums.

Medium-sized dinosaurs exhibition: it is suitable to be held by mostly for real estate activities or city square, as it is much more moderate, no matter in the number of animatronic dinosaurs quantity, spieces, site sizes, influence or interactions from activities.

Small-sized dinosaurs exhibition: it is held by shopping malls, but always inadequate in all aspects, such as lacking of the animatronic dinosaurs, small size site, dreary events.

Notices during the animatronic dinosaur exhibitions:

  • First, the exhibitors should do more publicity, especially advertise through the major print media, outdoor media and other advertising channels, in this way, the exhibition will achieve the expected publicity effect by attracting a large number of visitor.
  • Secondly, the exhibitions should be imposed with some neccessary protective measures, such as the installation of guardrails, security staff arrangements on duty, which intends to prevent damage to the animatronic dinosaur exhibits.
  • Thirdly, the exhibitors shall pay more attention on the fire protection, each animatronic dinosaur should be equipped with a fire extinguisher in correspondence, in case of any kind of emergence or unexpected situation, animatronic dinosaurs are composed of flammable materials, which decides that any fire source must be prohibited.

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