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Nothosaurs and Ceresiosaurus



If the ichthyosaurs are the whales and dolphins of the Mesozoic world, then the plesiosaurs can be regarded as the seals and sea lions. Before the plesiosaurs were fully established, a more primitive offshoot from their line, the nothosaurs, were the most abundant fish-catchers of the time. The nothosaurs had the same long necks as their plesiosaur cousins but were not so well adapted to water. walking dinosaur costume




With a long body and powerful tail Ceresiosaurus has features usually indicative of an animal that swims by undulations of its body. However the bone structure, especially in the thick tail and strong hips, suggests that it was a pursuit diver and hunted underwater like apenguin, manoeuvring with its strong paddles. Analysis of its stomach contents has shown it to be a hunter of marine reptiles.




Features:Cerestosaurushas much longer toes than othernothosaurs. The additionallength was gained by anincrease in the number of bones in each toe(polyphalangy). The toes are fused into a swimming paddle. The tailbones are thick and evolved to support powerful muscles. The skull isshort, much shorter than that of any other nothosaur. and looks verymuch like that of a plesiosaur with the nostrils placed well forward. Thefront paddles are bigger than the hind, suggesting that they played abigger part in the ammars locomotion.

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