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Newly upgraded walking dinosaur costumes


Newly upgraded walking dinosaur costumes, Easy for marketing with dinosaur suits


Newly upgraded walking dinosaur costumes


After years of continuous exploration and testing, the walking dinosaur costumes designed by my company has been recognized around the world in past three years. but we also need to continue to make the improvements and upgrades, in order to improve the structure and the keep the stability.


At the beginning of 2017, we combined some necessary improvements with the customer's feedbacks, which will help the dinosaur costumes better and more stable.


Improvement 1: on March 2017, we have improved the internal frame of the dinosaur costumes by reducing 2kg, which may be a big burden on the performers.


Improvement 2: by replace of 120-degree wide-angle camera, which makes better clarity, visual range, sensitivity and the appearance of concealment, many customers have used dinosaur suits for stage performances, and most of the stage performances are relatively dark, it is prone to accidents once it is not clear image, so this improvement will let you have no more worry when perform in the dark places.


Improvement 3: to improve the method of making the neck skin, the neck of the dinosaur mascots are used by high-density sponge, which maybe torn up in the long period thanks to being pulled intensively when performing, and now we will use the new skin materials by mixxing the high density sponge with the high-strength fiber clothes, finally effectively improve the neck to withstand the high pull strength, greatly extending the life service of the realistic dinosaur costumes.


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