Spinosaurus Costume

We just finish several dinosaur costumes, which are prepared for samples, and any client who is urgent to purchase one or more dinosaur costumes, we can provide immediately, because the dinosaur costumes suit for anyone from 160 to 195 cm, and once the client make the payment, we can instantly arrange the transportation within one day.

To well prepared, and meet the demands for different clients, we manufactured many diverse dinosaur types, like Spinosaurus, Carnotaurus and Abelisaurus, which are becoming more and more popular, because too many clients use the T-Rex and Raptors, so in this way, make those special dinosaur costumes to be much popular.

In fact, the Spinosaurus costume is very attractive, the feature of the back spines and the longer head with more teeth, which even the T-Rex and other carnivorous dinosaurs will fear the fierce dinosaur, but to be frank, the Spinosaurus attraction will be heavier than usual, it is about 25 kg, because of the back spines.

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