Nemegt – A Russian Discovery of dinosaur

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With the end of the World War II paleontologists returned to the Gobi desert. It was the Russian team that began to hunt for Mongolian dinosaurs this time. As a consequence of the cold war. the western scholars were not allowed to work in Central Asia. This situation gave an opportunity to Russian and Polish paleontologists to continue in the exploration of Asian dinosaurs. In 1946, the Academy of Sciences, of the USSR began to organize paleontological expeditions in Mongolia. The early expeditions were led by Dr. Ivan Efremov, whereas Dr. Anatolij Rozhdestvensky became the leader later on. Numerous dinosaurs were collected by the Russian expeditions from 1946 through 1949.


Efremov was a quite famous vertebrate paleontologist, specializing in the study of fossil reptiles. However, here became also widely known in the Soviet Union as the author of many science fiction books. The adventures of the dinosaur hunters and the atmosphere of the timeless desert are recorded in his book of <<Road of the Wind>> , published in 1956. Rozhdestvensky was another important Russian authority on dinosaurs. In 1962, the author of this book had an opportunity to meet with Rozhdestvensky. He is not a tall man, but very serious one. His hawk-like eyes made a strong impression upon the author. Rozhdestvensky was one of the most outstanding and respected dinosaur experts during the 50s through 70s of 20th century.


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