Museum life size dinosaur skeleton replicas trade assurance

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After signing with the New Zealand client on the cooperation of dinosaur skeleton replicas, our company assigned the experienced and professional team who mainly study dinosaur specimens model and machinery dinosaur exhibits; with the highly innovative capacities and advanced production equipments, being charge of the whole production process by experienced workers, we finally manufactured the perfect skulls and skeletons.




We also specialized in dinosaur skeletons/fossils, we will designate the professional workers and artist from the dino museum to sculpt and model, in which way the quality and real proportion can be guaranteed, rather than many other companies, the artiest will also take days to engrave the stripes upon the skin, which can make the lifelike replicas with museum quality, by the way, our factory had produced the first dinosaur costume and walking dinosaur(two legs) by self-development.




Those Fiberglass dinosaur skeleton replicas are used for scientific exhibits, commercial exhibits, park settings, museum exhibits, amusement park equipment, playground equipment, holiday gifts, children playground equipment, festival exhibits, education toy, outdoor structures, etc; our workers always use modern idea, newfangled design, consummate production, circumspect service, perfect quality and scientific managing which afford perfect and beautiful product to domestic and aboard clients.




The T-Rex teeth are also precisely calculated, and we also present some teeth as gifts, it is also for spares in case that some of the teeth are lost during shippment or just lost them when make the exhibition.