Movie Prop Flexible Realistic Dinosaur Costume Robotic Dinosaure Suit for Sale

hu, june Blog

Days passing by, all of our workers in the factory are gathering to finish three realistic dinosaur costumes, and those dino suits have been forwarded to the next step after being modeled well, meanwhile, the steel frames cost three days to upgrade, then being prepared well(by the way, our company always prepare 10 steel frames in advance, to shorten the manufacturing time), it is all because parts of the workers are devoting to make another big deal of animatronic dinosaurs.




Now not only is the steel frame being upgraded, but also the modelling and electricity are improved, then the operators can have a better experience when performing, much light, comfortable and realistic, all of our big wish is to make the dinosaurs to be huge, boisterous and jaw droppingly exciting, having one of our T-Rex or Raptor at any event can be a really unforgettable experience.




Those walking dinosaur costumes are still being in the manufacturing process, namely the process of making the textures and stripes, which will ask for 2 days in total, anyway, to satisfy the customers’ requirements and expectation to know more details, will update the photos once necessary later.