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Movie cartoon character sculpture animatronic fiberglass human statues with movements


Our client from Turkey recently purchased one group of Movie cartoon characters for their parks, which are all required to be made into fiberglass sculptures, and all of those fiberglass character models are needed to be animatronic with movements, it is the first time to make those fiberglass human statues with movements, no company did this before in China, as we all know, it is not suggested to realize the movements on the articulations on the fiberglass statues, most of the cases, we will recommend the way by sponge.


charaters (2)

Our technicians think it is not difficult to realize, but finally we meet some problems during the manufacturing, and we even feel we can not even solve those problems sometimes, fortunately, we come up with some solutions on the movements, to cover the holes to be not that visible, we are expecting to build all kinds of statue models in new types.


charaters (2)

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