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The Permian extinction saw the end of the seed ferns such as Glossopteris as the dominant form of vegetation. The animals, such as dicynodonts, that fed ott them also died out. The Triassic seed ferns, like Dicroidium, were smaller and less abundant, and the rhynchosaurs evolved to feed on them. These flourished until Dicroidium was replaced by the conifers at the end of the Triassic. walking dinosaur costume






Like the rest of the rhynchosaurs, Mesosuchus had a beak at the front of the snout and a single nostril hole on the mid-line of the skull. Either it was a very early member of the group that came to be the most significant plant-eater for a short time, or it represents nothing more than a primitive relative. The body was like that of a small lizard and showed little specialization to any particular way of life.


Below: Mesosuchus was one of the first plant-eaters to exploit the sudden expansion of the low-growing ferns.Features Asthe most primitive of the rhynchosaurs.Mesosuchus has many unspecialized features. It has conventional teeth in the front of the mouth and a single row at each side, which is quite different from the usual rhynchosaurian pattern of no teeth at the front and multiple rows at the side. In fact, it is so different that Mesosuchus is often regarded as being outside the main group of rhynchosaurs.


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