Mechanical Dinosaur Robot From Zigong Dinosaur Maker

To promote the business, some clients are advertising by using the dinosaur themes during the Halloween festival, among which one client from Fujian province is exhibiting the mechanical dinosaur robots in Northern outskirt last week.

Normally each exhibition will be containing not less than 6 dinosaurs, and there must be one big dinosaurs as the central attraction, no matter long neck dinosaur brachiosaurus or T-Rex, in this exhibition, it is a smaller brachiosaurus, which can spray water from the month, only if there is a lagoon, the brachiosaurus can spray all ht day once it makes movements, the kids like most, especially when playing with the dinosaur, just like enjoying the fountain.

Zigong Dinosaur Maker

By the way, even if you do not understand and know the dinosaurs, there will be the dino facts that you can learn from, including the basic information, like sizes, habits and body structures, you may be afraid, because the dinosaurs will spray water on your body, others want to eat and feed with you.

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