Dinosaur Costumes For Adult

Days no updating the blog of realdinosaur, all the people must miss much about the walking dinosaurs, right? Now our company is showing everyone an outstanding news, that we have just finished the production of two dinosaur costumes for India, and have been invited to attend the TV shows at the local sites, it is really a great information for advertising the dinosaurs in more and countries.

The group is consist of two different types, one is the T-Rex costume with legs uncovered, another one is also the T-Rex dinosaur, but the legs are covered well, the sizes are same for 185cm adults, and also can be available for height from 160-190cm, it is universal.

Mechanical Dinosaur Costumes For Adult

The legs covered T-Rex costume is using the hook and loop, especially using on the legs and ass, the operator can only get inside, and take them on, the legs can be covered completely, more news will be shared when our workers are getting back.

Even though we do not support renting dinosaurs(except the inner market), we are also finding our agents in all the foreign countries, and we found some ones already, then many clients who expect to rent can rent from the agents in the future, in fact, anyone can be the agent.

As usual, our special workers tested the two mechanical dinosaur costumes completely, the two dinosaur costumes are packed well and transported to the shipping company directly, then waiting for the customs declaration.

And there are presents only in valid during December Sale: 1. Provide you with one air case to pack each dinosaur costume; 2.Provide accessories: Sound controller, support frame, fans, camera and displayer, spares and maintenance materials like pigment, stocking, battery, brake cables, brush, collar, charger, glass cement, and pants suit/leggings.

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