material of dinosaur models

Large-scale dinosaur models have gone through many years. The traditional plastic dinosaur evolved into a vivid electric dinosaur ,with the development of the times, the continuous development of dinosaur models, and the continuous progress of large-scale dinosaurs will integrate with itself. The development of the realistic dinosaur industry should also follow the progress of social science.  If we do not move forward, we will eventually be eliminated in the future. Therefore, we need to continuously improve the production level, technology, materials, etc. of large dinosaur models, and do our utmost to incorporate scientific development results into our products, so that our products and the entire industry continue to progress. So what materials do we use when making exquisite dinosaur models?

large dinosaur models

1. Sponge Silica Gel(For Large dinosaur models)

When making large-scale realistic dinosaurs, we will widely use sponge silica gel, which is a layer on the surface . The material is characterized by soft texture and elasticity. This material is used as the skin of a simulated dinosaur, making the skin of a large artificial dinosaur give a very real feeling. Then, by installing the designed power plant system, the hands, feet, and body of the large-scale dinosaur can be moved. This internal and external structure makes the dinosaur model “live”.

realistic dinosaur model materials

2. Round Steel

When fixing the dinosaur model, we usually use round steel as the basis for fixing the position of the simulated dinosaur and torso. After fixing and shaping the realistic dinosaur skeleton steel, we add the sponge silica gel just mentioned to the corresponding place. Finally, through the trimming and painting and coloring of the appearance stylist, In this way,A complete large-scale simulation dinosaur is displayed before our eyes.

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