About The Material Of Animatronic Dinosaur

Internal Steel Frame

It supports the entire weight of the dinosaur's body and requires high strength
material of animatronic dinosaur
anti-rust painting process

We used High quality galvanized steel, high carbon steel or stainless steel to make the internal steel frame of the dinosaurs.

For dinosaurs placed in water under extreme conditions, it is necessary to use Stainless steel to make steel frame, prevent rust and prolong its life.

Of course, even if the use of ordinary steel, production will also have anti-rust painting process.

Transmission Mechanism

Output power to drive the joint movement of the dinosaur, usually using 24V brush motor
animatronic dinosaur material

According to our experience, the common 24V high quality motor is stable enough, and the cost is low, the maintenance is easy.

In practical application, it can be customized according to customer needs, such as brushless motor, stepper motor, servo motor, hydraulic transmission etc.

Muscle Sculpting

The exterior of animatronic dinosaur is sculpted by hand from a high-density sponge
Muscle Sculpting

Sponge is characterized by softness, elasticity, and ease of carving.

When there are special needs (such as the need to spray fire function) can also be customized flame retardant sponge.


The sponge is covered with a fibrous cloth and finished with a thick layer of silicone
make skin

Fiber cloth can increase the strength of the sponge, so that it is not easy to tear.

The function of silica gel is to make the dinosaur skin feel real, more like skin, and it is rainproof and sunproof.

Skin Colour

We use a mixture of mineral pigments and silica gel for color
about the material of animatronic dinosaur,
Animatronic T-Rex

If the pigment is directly used for color, it is easy to fade.

We mix the pigment with silica gel and spray it on the skin after dilution, which can effectively protect the pigment and have better visual effect at the same time.

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