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Many of these dinosaurs had extravagant head structures


It is easy to imagine dinosaurs as being the inhabitants of deep, dark jungles. (walking dinosaur costume)Where there were deep forests and woodlands, there were dinosaurs well adapted ro living there. As the advanced ornithopods, especially the duckbills, evolved and diversified during the Cretaceous period, plant-life evolved with them. The broad mouths and low-slung necks of these ornithopods showed that they fed close to the ground. The evolutionary response would have been for plants, having been grazed, to develop survival strategics that would allow them to rebuild populations quickly. Flowers and enclosed seeds do this, allowing the main part of the germination process to rake place after the parent has been destroyed. Flowering plants in deciduous woodlands evolved with the low-feeding habits of the later plant-eaters such as the broad-mouthed duckbills. (amusement park dinosaur)Many of these dinosaurs had extravagant head structures, linked to their nasal passages. They made grunts and trumpet noises, producing sounds that would penetrate dense forest undergrowth so that the animals could communicate with one another.




I he deciduous woodlands spread across the broad plains and deltas, between the newly arisen Rocky Mountains and the spreading inland sea, that now reached from the Arctic Ocean down across the middle of North America, The deposits formed the Hell Creek Formation. (animatronic dinosaur)On higher ground the forests consisted of vegetation such as tall stands of primitive conifers with an understorey of cycads and ferns. These forests were inhabited by the last of the long-necked sauropods that had been the most important plant- eaters since the beginning of the Jurassic period.


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