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Not all dinosaurs are oversplit. Megalosourus should be cut down to two or three species. (walking dinosaur costume) Another good case of "lumping" is the MorrisonAllosourus, which has three species though it's usually considered to consist of one. The point is to try to be consistent.


As noted above, sexual differences can be confused with species differences. (realistic dinosaur costume)Sorting out these and other species problems properly requires large numbers of samples. If enough specimens are avallable, the quantitative variations between them can be compared statistically. This is not possible with most theropods. There are only half a dozen or so TJnannosourus rex skeletons, for example. The biggest samples available are of Coelophysis bauri and C. rhodesiensrs. Both have been found in quanies containing dozens or hundreds of specimens. It has been determined that there are two proportional types of each. The question is whether these are sexes or species. (animatronic dinosaur)That the two types have been found together at what are apparently mass-kill sites has been taken to mean that they are the two sexes of a single population. Sex ratios do not have to be equal; single males can possess whole harems, for instance. On the other hand, it is also possible for two very similar species of the Same genus to coexist in the same area.Indian lion and tiger skeletons are so alike that paleontologists find it very difficult to separate them. There are some things that commonly distinguish sexual from species differences. Sexual variations are usually size-related.zz Hence, male lions are extreme, robust, and big-toothed forms of the smaller female model, while female emns are stouter and larger than the males. When two types are similar in size, it is species differences that are often the cause.

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