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The area of northern Italy and Switzerland lay at the northern shores of the Tethys Ocean in Triassic times. Calm lagoons deposited limestone under low oxygen conditions, meaning that dead animals were slow to decay and were easily fossilized. Among the sea-living animals preserved here are the remains of reptiles from the surrounding shoreline, including lizard-like Macrocnemus. Footprints that were formed on tidal mud flats at the time have been found in central Europe, and have been given the name Rhyttchosauroides (an ichnospecies – a scientific name based only on footprints). They were probably made by Macrocnemus as the size is right and they show the presence of a very small outer toe.(animatronic dinosaur for sale)


Features: MacrocDemus’s a medium-sized lizard-like animal, with a long neck and very long hind legs. The head is quite large and the jaws pointed. The teeth are small and sharp, indicating an insectivorous diet. Remains of the skin have been found on the tail of a juvenile specimen, and this shows a pattern of scaling like that of a lizard.


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