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ornithischian dinosaurs that belong to the Lufeng Dinosaur fauna

There are also three small ornithischian dinosaurs that belong to the Lufeng Dinosaur fauna animatronic dinosaur. These are: Dianchungosaurus , Talisaurus, and Beinosaurus.


Tatisaurus oehleri is a spectacular dinosaur. It is known only from a single fragment of the left mandible with several teeth that were suggested to belong to a small ornithopod. According to Simmons ( 1965 ) , the Talisaurus dentition is also similar to that of an ankylosaurid. animatronic dinosaur for sale I ( the author of this book ) have studied the type specimen of Tatisaurus and found out that it was a basal representative of Thyreophora.


Finally, a small therizi nosauriod was collected from the lower Jurassic Lufeng beds of Eshan County in Yunan. It was named Eshanosaurus deguchiianus by Zhao and Xu in 2001. The Eshanosaurus deguchiianus has been suggested to be the earliest record of a therizi nosauriod and a coelurosaur in general.

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