18KG Lightweight Dinosaur Costumes For Jurassic Park

18KG! Jurassic park world Velociraptor lightweight walking dinosaur costumes

Here is the Walking dinosaur costumes in style of Jurassic park Velociraptor models, all of the dinosaur models are in proportion based on the models of Jurassic park, what’s more, the colors on the dinosaurs are special, different from the normal dinosaur costumes, which makes them to be realistic as well, by the way, can you just tell the difference from the models? We can realize the similarity over 90%.

Lightweight Dinosaur Costumes For Jurassic Park

The dinosaur costumes are using the lighter materials of Fabric, which makes the dinosaurs to be lightweight at 16-18kg only, after improving the shapes, it looks more realistic and fierce, not like the cartoon models any more, the kids will be afraid of the dinosaur models at first, but will be impressed so much after the shows, as they are thinking they just met with the real dinosaurs, just as meeting with some superstars in real life.

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