Lightweight Dinosaur Costume Low cost Walking Raptor Suit For Kids game

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After a month trip, the most lightweight Raptor suit is finally home at U.S, it is safe and sound! Being curious about the creature with the roaring sounds clearly in the air, the kids crowded to watch the dinosaur closely, regardless of the fact the dinosaur will stop the step of the kids at first.


raptor suits (3)



Attempting after several times, the kids would like to interact with the Raptor suit, even the kid with red color begin to dance with the dinosaur costume, it makes beaming faces and laughter beside the month.


raptor suits (4)


In addition, the wooden case arrived at the place safely and intact, it proves that it is safe enough to carry the dinosaur suits after a long time transportation, it is cheap but safe, more and more clients will choose this instead of air cases.



raptor suits (2)