lightly-built and toothless theropod

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lightly-built and toothless theropod

Gallimimus was a medium-size, lightly-built and toothless mhigh have fed on seeds and fruits, as well as on small vertebrates and insects. Animatronic Dinosaur Avimimus portentosus was a small toothless theropod thought to be closely related to birds. Avimimus means “bird mimic” , and scientists were uncertain about its exact phylogenetic relationship for a long time. Avimimus had many features which seemed to parallel those of birds, including perhaps even feathers. Some paleontologists think they might have been warm blooded.


Deinocheirus has become the most enigmatic dinosaur found by the Polish-Mongolian Paleontological Expeditions. Only 2.6 meter-long forelimbs, equipped with 30 cm-long claws, were found. Its overall body shape remains a puzzle to be solved. Many scholars suggested that Deinocheirus is a therizinosaurid. It has also be proposed hat the long massive manual claw is adapted for breaking down the termite hills or for collecting clams on the beach.


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