Dinosaur Cosplay Costume

Now you can see the dinosaur costume is holding by the support frames, and the legs are raising up, all those preparations are for painting works, in case that all the places are well painted, once the painting work is finished, the sleeping dinosaur monster is ready to step out of the cage.

Artificial Dinosaur Cosplay Costume

The dinosaur puppet is 6 feet tall and 11 feet long, with scaled skin, large teeth and sharp claws, the head turns from side to side and the mouth can open and close, if specially required, the teeth and claws can be very sharp, can tear off the cloths easily, look out the mouth, it can swallow your whole head.

Our client Richard is using the dinosaur outfit for the outside cosplay show, normally in shopping mall and street show, and so on, it may emerge before your sides, but do not worry, the dinosaur is completely controlled by the operator with the neck chain.

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