realistic animatronic Crocodile

Although animatronic dinosaurs are much more difficult to manufacture perfectly, animals will be sometimes highly required, because the animatronic animals need more details on the skins and appearance to some extend, in this case, my company invited two special and professional artists to make the design on the modelling, and suggest how to present the effects.

Crocodile model in our factory

Let’s take an example of the animatronic Crocodile model, the body, namely the stomach is somewhat smaller than dinosaurs, so the inside steel frame will be difficult to build, including putting the motors to activate the movements, the eyes will be smaller, though the month is bigger, the most difficult place is the skin, how to present the fish scale on the body and tail, it is the key point to decide whether the crocodile will be lifelike or fake, fortunately the artists make it, the modelling is highly finished, especially in the phase of brush coating, and another phase of painting, just the similar way to draw a picture.

The buyers from UK came to the factory to check after the Crocodile was finished three months ago, and all the clients speak highly of the colors and the skin textures, which made them feel like it was a real animal, now the Crocodile model is becoming the superstar in the Zoo of UK.

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