Lifelike walking dinosaur costume

lovethee Dinosaur Costume

Lifelike walking dinosaur costume, designed about 4m in length, 1.8 to 2.2m in height, in weight of about 23 to 25kg, commonly adopted in stage performances, TV show, theme park activities and commercially promotional activities, is one kind of a wearable simulation dinosaur models; our technicians specially make the head, mouth, neck, tail, body, legs,can imitate the dinosaur joint movable effects; when the mouth opens, the dinosaurs will be synchronized with a huge roaring sound, the vivid dinosaur costumes are fruited when accompanied by the performer’s coordination, both the kids and adults marvel at the realistic dinosaurs; if used for stage performances or TV shooting, it is able to be exciting and fascinating by giving these dinosaurs in some specific backgrounds.

20170522_083457[1] 20170524_092355[1] 20170524_174014[1] realistic dinosaur costume in our factory test 20170527_135946[1] dinosaur costume 20170527_140001(0)[1] factory test after 20170527_140009[1]