T-Rex Dinosaur

T-rex dinosaur, which lived in the late Cretaceous, is the most attractive,and large carnivorous dinosaur in the dinosaurs family, is also one of the largest dinosaur concerned by scientists.

Recently, American scientists have put forward a very interesting question: How many people can feed a Tyrannosaurus rex to be full?

There is no one knows exactly about the dinosaur metabolism, but the t-rex dinosaur needs to eat almost 40,000 calories appoximately every day.

This is the standard of reptiles, in accordance with the today’s standards, the kind of large body consumes much more calories per day than 40,000.

Studies have shown that T-Rex is one kind of large reptiles, but it is warm-blooded animals, so the energy consumption should be between cold-blooded reptiles and warm-blooded mammals. So, How much energy a person’s body can provide?

Finally scientists tell us the answer: an adult weighing 80 kg can provide approximately 110,000 calories.

Therefore, each t-rex dinosaur will need to eat a 80 kg human being.

T-Rex Dinosaur Production Process

To be frank, some clients would like to order smaller t-rex model, like 3m or 5m t-rex, it can be convenient to pack and deliver, and even easily to move around different places, of course, the prices will be also lower(some matters: the t-rex model will be made with silicon rubber teeth, the width and height will be accordance with the length, colors and movements will be decided by the clients, in addition, two legs t-rex dinosaur now can be made with walking movement).

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