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The guards of the dinosaurs exhibition said that dinosaurs and humans co-existed 6,000 years ago, and also claimed that the God created dinosaurs on the sixth day of creation, that' s why we saw there are more and more dinosaur parks established with crowd of people getting inside to visit, to get known more about our fellow friends long time ago.

By using the airtime to decry the theory of evolution that is being taught to children in schools, colleges and on their television sets, the dinosaurs are being used by evolutionists to indoctrinate children with an evolutionary theory that is "dangerous" for Christianity.

Although most scientists accept that dinosaurs lived on the Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, they also asserts that when you take a closer look at some of the language used to describe certain creatures mentioned in the Bible, it suggests that dinosaurs and humans lived together 6,000 years ago.

Science generally uses dinosaurs to promote evolution, but the reality is that we understand dinosaurs properly in the role that they play in the Bible, they can be used to champion creationism.















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