Robot Dinosaur Model

All the robot dinosaurs are custom-made according to the different requirements and usage, especially the sizes and colors, like the previous small T-Rex dinosaur model, which is designed by simulating the Raptors originally, then the colors are turned out to be green mostly.

Just for a while, the client wanted to change with other colors, he was not a very fan of green dinosaur, so require our painters to paint again by adding more grey and brown colors on the skin, our painters tried twice to finish and meet the demands, it takes time because of no enough photos as reference.

In fact, normally we will ask for the clients to provide our workers with relative photos, especially the colors photoshop, then our workers can do the dinosaur manufacturing according to the photos, rather than manufacture or paint just by imaging.

Robot Dinosaur Model

By the way, we have the dinosaurs catalogue with specifications, and the catalogue contains enough robot dinosaur models with diverse dinosaur models with different colors, sizes and types, so the clients only need to choose from the list, then our workers can finish the dinosaur robot manufacturing; the dinosaur types and sizes are flexible, only if the clients have other choice on the colors, then should better speak much more clearly or prepare one photoshop to express the ideas.

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