Big animatronic dinosaurs always attract the eyes of the public, especially when holding the exhibition by putting the big animatronic T-rex model, no matter for indoor or outdoor exhibitions, just like little giant, NBA player Yaoming with the height of more than 220 cm.

Dating back to the time when the workers worked on the manufacturing on the steel frame of the big body, even during finishing the shape period, that was tough, big dinosaurs means high and long body, sometimes the height will surpassing the factory top ceiling, so the workers had to make the steel frame into several pieces, and then spliced the pieces together, and making the shape, the workers will need a great number of high ladders, so that the upper construction can be finished.

Big size animatronic t-rex model

Painting will be same required, each painting work will need two persons to finish, when transport, the T-Rex model will be disassembled again, which will be installed on site.

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