Long Neck Dinosaur Model

To attract and entertain the people to be most, normally the dinosaur parks will always make a couple of entrance, consists of two sets of dinosaur head entrances, because this will make anyone stepping inside feel like they are being in the dinosaur world, and most importantly, it is real scene with real dinosaurs.

Long Neck Dinosaur Model

Another popular method is to make diverse dinosaur models, among of them, the long neck dinosaur, mostly Brachiosaurus dinosaurs will be ample attractive, the neck is so long, you can not even see clearly the head, just like infinity, for this reason, the people would much prefer to see the head, some people think it is just like a boa, some say that is like a pole.

By the way, this kind of Brachiosaurus dinosaurs with long neck will have to be disassembled into pieces, normally the long neck will be cut down and packed, but do not worry, our installment team will install on the spot, and make the dinosaur to be as real as possible.

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