Life Size Dinosaur Costume

Now there are more than five life size dinosaur costumes in stock in the factory, they are diverse with models, types and features, but all of the dinosaur costumes are life size.

Most of the events will bring in kinds of dinosaurs, some static dinosaur statues, dinosaur suits, animated dinosaurs, animals and even some sea world creatures, among which one of the most attractive dinosaurs is the dinosaur costume, it is the newest attraction now, and being upgraded all the time, and becoming more and more popular in foreign countries(USA for example), all dinosaur costume will be manufactured with vivid shape, realistic skins and stripes, all by custom-made and handmade crafts, indeed, the dinosaur costumes are really perfect for live stage and street shows, shopping mall performance and anywhere only if there are as many as people, it will be the “shining star”.

Life Size Dinosaur Costume – Dilophosaurus Style

Normally to finish the performance completely and successfully, apart from needing one trained controller, also needing one person to instruct the directions by dragging the collar on the neck of the dinosaur costume, it will look like the person is “walking the dragon”, and the most important is that there needs one controller to get in the dinosaur costume to operate the dinosaur, and the person can make many movements: mouth open and close with Synchronized sound, eyes open and close, head up and down, head left to right, neck up and down, neck twisting, body up and down, tail rotating and can walk and run with the life size dinosaur costume as will.

If you are indeed looking for some dinosaur costume, you can contact me without hesitation, then i will show you all the photos, and all the specifications, you will absolutely choose the ones that you’d like so much, and your events will be a great success with the dinosaurs.

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