Shark Model

Animatronic or Fiberglass animals are similar technology, animatronic animals will be somewhat complicated than dinosaurs, because sometimes the animals will always ask for adding the furs on the skin, recently my factory manufactured one big shark model, which is for the seaworld performance.

This blue shark is a Fiberglass model, which will be static without movements, the teeth is same as the dinosaurs, namely silicon rubber teeth, the colors are also specially painted according to the request of the clients,.

Lately, a shark has been spotted in the waters off a San Diego County beach in two days, prompting lifeguards to extend an advisory warning beachgoers of the shark sighting.

Authorities say a kayaker who was fishing off the La Jolla coast reported seeing a hammerhead shark on Sunday afternoon. The kayaker said the shark followed him as he paddled toward the shore.

In San Diego, the lifeguards also saw the shark swim toward a swimmer before turning toward deeper water.

It will remain under a shark advisory that was issued Saturday after a hammerhead shark circled.

The shark’s apparently aggressive behavior prompted lifeguards to close the beach.

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