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Life size adult game prop puppet walking dinosaur costume


This is one of the recent finished T-Rex costumes, which is also provided for USA markets, the dinosaur model is based on the shape of RDC-0121, it is the most popular dinosaur style nowadays, because this model is finished together by both the client designer and realdinosaur designers, so we appreciate for the clients' design.


dinosaur costumess


Even most of the dinosaur costumes being manufactured are according to the shape, it is really remarkable, especially the big head, small tail like a whip, slim legs and realistic skin texture.


Dinosaur modelling


When painting the adult dinosaur puppet, the painter was required to paint one layer by one layer, and then covered and mixed the colors, finally pull off the realistic dinosaur costume like BBC showing.


Dino painting work


By the way, as seen from the photos, there is a mark on the leg, it is not other things, but is pasted with our company logo on the legs, it is required when making performance from now on.


dinosaur suit


The packing work should be careful enough, firstly packed with bubble film/DPJD, then with plastic wrap, and put relative sponge in front of the sides, only in this way, the dinosaur costume can be safe enough over 30 days transportation by ship.


dinosaure costume

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