A Grim Struggle

In the era when dinosaurs were rampant, carnivorous dinosaurs were veritable killers among reptiles on the ground.Among them, there are more agile and larger bodies than vegetarian dinosaurs. Most of them have pointed teeth like a sharp knives and extremely sharp claws. Among them, large carnivorous dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus with a body length of about 13 meters are the most famous. However,the hard bone plates and bone spurs on the vegetarian dinosaurs which the towering spikes on the neck, the large solid tails and horns are particularly developed, and they are accustomed to living in groups. All these are for self-defense and to deal with the attacks of carnivores. This may be one of the reasons why vegetarian dinosaurs evolve and grow larger so as to be able to compete with carnivorous dinosaurs.

Facing the fierce attack of Tyrannosaurus rex, in order to protect their children, the triceratops united in a circle, using sharp horns as weapons to bravely resist the thrilling scene of the enemy.

What was the social life of dinosaurs like?

life of dinosaurs

Social Life

The fossils of similar dinosaurs unearthed from excavations today, been found fossils of dinosaur footprints of large groups of dinosaurs walking in one direction, fossils of dinosaur caves where collective nests were built, and fossils of collective death,which can be concluded that most dinosaurs may live in groups. their social life seems to be manifested as: family members go out together for food, family members also fight for rights, and each of them rely on their own strength to fight fiercely and fight for the throne of a family. Once the king is determined, the king gathers with deafening roars Groups, so as not to suffer the loss of the subjects under their rule. They often build nests collectively and nurture their children. It is also believed that vegetarian dinosaurs have the social life habit of cooperating with their kinds.

Seismosaurus, among the huge sauropod dinosaurs, seems to be accustomed to the social habits of collective foraging for plants and group movement. It is also believed that the distance that the earthquake dragon travels for food may be quite long.

The scientific conjecture of the early carnivorous dinosaur species Coelosaurus moving in groups in the lush coniferous forest.

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