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Life Like T-rex Dinosaur CostumeReleased Time: 2016-5-27

NAME:T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

PRODUCT SIZE:Length:4.2m*width:0.55m*height:1.9m

MOVEMENTS:1.Eyes Blinking, 2.Mouth open & close, roaring sounds, 3.Head up and down, 4.Neck moving up & down, 5.Front arms moving, 6.Tail swaying, 7.Breathing


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The Gobi Desert was a desert even in Cretaceous times. Ephemeral lakes surrounded by plains of scrubby vegetation were separated by vast areas of shifting sand dunes. Here roamed herds of Protoceratops^ in huge numbers. Occasionally, the harsh, dry winds of the desert overwhelmed rhese herds in a sandstorm or a dust storm, and sometimes they were engulfed by sliding sand as an unstable dune collapsed. Either occurrence had the effect of killing the animals where they stood, and preserving them in a tomb of dry sand that eventually solidified into desert sandstone. A specimen that shows just how quickly such an event occurred was found in the 1970s.

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