Typical of the fauna of late Permian South Africa

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A rough description of the appearance of a gorgonopsiart would be a cross between a crocodile and a sabre toothed tiger. They were hunters by nature and had light agile skeletons, with long legs well adapted for rumiing. They were typical of the fauna of late Permian South Africa.(walking dinosaur costume)


Lycaenops: The long canine teeth of Lycaeftops were evidently adapted for stabbing, and would have inflicted deep bleeding wounds in the flanks of larger prey. Rather than going for the quick kill it would have waited for its prey to bleed to death. It is possible that Lycaenops hunted in packs, although no evidence of this hasbeen found.(animatronic dinosaur)


Features: The skull is long, low and slender. The canine teeth are very long, in both jaws. The blades are serrated, and the roots are deep, running well into the bone, accounting for the deep skull. There are few teeth in the back of the mouth, and those show little wear, suggesting that Lycaenops bolted down food without chewing. There is a zygomatic arch – a curved structure in thecheek bone under which the jaw muscle passed – a feature that mammals have. Not only did Lycaenops have mammal-like teeth but also mammal-like jaw muscles. The leg articulation shows that it could have both sprawled and walked with a high stance.