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Our company is overtaking the big dinosaur models research and manufacturing, expect to bring people back to the Jurassic era, without any special effects, all are real models as hand made crafts, which needing more power for the neck movements, besides, do you ever have the idea that where is the site the large dinosaurs are found greatly, when and which kinds of big dinosaurs are favorite?


big dinosaur


It is a lagoon, some scientists are exploring there, and found hundreds of dinosaur footprints and handprints dating to 170 million years ago decorate the shore on the Isle, making it the largest dinosaur site ever discovered in Scotland; the discovery proves that those dinosaurs are likely long-necked, four-legged, herbivorous sauropods鈥攄uring the Middle Jurassic period.

These footprints were made in a lagoon, which is a pretty interesting environment for dinosaurs, we can tell that they were making these footprints while they were walking underwater, near to the large dinosaurs, found fossilized skeleton of a little crocodile, and went to inspect it and look for other prehistoric remains. When walking back from the site, where finally found a slew of fish bones and shark teeth fossils, this is the lagoon during the Jurassic.
Large dinosaur
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