Jurassic World Releasing

Dinosaurs are becoming the headline of the world as one bombshell, Naboo Lal island has developed into a huge theme park and resort, namely the Jurassic world.

Jurassic World Releasing On 10th June

The visitors can travel by boat, drive, or just sit in a transparent spinning ball to travel around to enjoy dinosaurs, which make people linger, but some hidden crisis is among the beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere.

Jurassic World Releasing

As the releasing of the film “Jurassic world”, the dinosaurs are coming again, and stepping into the mind of every people, Owen as the chief actor in the film, he realizes the crisis firstly.

The most impressive fighting scene is the D-Rex fights with the T-Rex, both of them want to show the mighty to each other, and prove who is the king dinosaur in the world, they make the deep roaring, begin to tear and snap the neck and the body, finally, the T-Rex wins the fight with the help of the small Raptors, and the T-Rex howls like the king by standing on the top of the building.

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