Jurassic park dinosaurs walking T-Rex costumes in hidden legs

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The T-Rex dinosaur costume in color scheme No. 8 is ready to be packed and put into the packing box anytime, as the teeth and tongue are all installed well, what is required to be done is to test and perform by our professional performers, but it is worth to mention that the hidden legs dinosaur costumes are customized according to the client’s sizes, so the performance will be depending on whether the operator is fitful for the dinosaur suit very well.

As scheduled, the time to be delivered out of the realdinosaur factory will be estimated on 10th, then more photos and videos will be shared and uploaded on Youtube, from where more details will be known, USA is the biggest market for exporting our walking dinosaur costumes, so we will always provide with the best price after discounting for any order by USA customers.


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