Jurassic Park Decoration Animatronic Dinosaur For Sale

Jurassic park shall be decorated with diverse kinds of animatronic dinosaurs and animals, like Pterosaur flying in the sky, animatronic T-Rex dinosaur walking across the grass, and dinosaur family flocking together; all of those will be the high attraction for visitors.

The Parasaurolophus dinosaur family is just the example, the client from Chile required to manufacture one of them to be female, and another one to be male, they are the spouse, also parents of the Parasaurolophus baby, which is just 1.5m in length, can be regarded to be born only for 3 months.

When painting the colors, the painters are required to paint based on the Jurassic park dinosaurs, namely to paint the colors as real as possible, then we see the crest on the head of the animated Parasaurolophus dinosaurs are with red colors in a row, even the back of the Parasaurolophus dinosaurs are with versatile red stripes.

The Parasaurolophus dinosaurs are herbivorous animals, so they are put into the place full of grasses and trees, the installment needs one crane and one forklift, which the crane is in the size of 13.582.342.71, by the way, containers are with roof, so need to assign some workers to enter into the conainers, to help to fix the dinosaurs(firstly, move the dinosaurs to the entrance, then can fix the tapes of the crane, needing the people to keep the dinsoaurs stable).

Now the Parasaurolophus dinosaur family is in harmony atmosphere, and the Parasaurolophus baby is growing up as the Parasaurolophus parents’ protecting, and will become more and more better.

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