Jurassic park animatronic dinosaur high simulation dinosaure model for sale

hu, june Blog 0 Comments

As mentioned, the dinosaur in the photo is one of the high simulation dinosaure models, it is originally manufactured  for one of the Malaysia clients, but something happened, the t-rex dinosaur in 6m is kept in the factory all the time for months, even it is always listed for sale, suddenly there is one of another clients who expected to purchase some animatronic dinosaurs, then can be packed into one 40′ container to be full, then ship to UK days ago.

So we assigned our workers to remove the skin of the T-Rex dinosaur model, then the artist started to make one another model of animatronic T-Rex model, which turned to be a great effect, the clients loved it so much, so did our company, because it turned out to be so realistic, and looked like another dinosaur after being brand newly painted.




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