Alive Robot Dinosaurs

Carcharodontosaurus dinosaur model as the first upgraded dinosaur of our company, it can make more than 13 movements, which makes the dinosaur look like more realistic when moving by infrared ray or remote control, especially the movements of body up and down, neck twisting, and tail up and down.

Alive Robot Dinosaur Carcharodontosaurus

Originally, we all know that the dinosaur can be only the model, no matter dinosaur statues or sculptures, then the dinosaurs are evolved into animatronic dinosaurs with several movements, but they are still look like ordinary rigid robot dinosaurs, so we assign a design and research team with specialized technicians to invent a much more advanced program, then reach the effects of realistic dinosaurs.

The reactions of the customers in the playground are over expectation, the customers are very optimistic to our new novel evolution, now our company even make another improvement on the walking dinosaurs, namely the dinosaurs can move and walk with 13 movements, in one word, the most realistic dinosaurs are produced.

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