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Judith River horned dinosaurs sort out into two systems of attack


Triceratops was not the only giant horned dinosaur found on the Laramie Deltas. (dinosaur exhibit suppilers)It was accompanied by the rare Torosaurus- the "bull lizard"—which sported an even longer neck frill. And in New Mexico, during Late Cretaceous days, a splendid long-horned relative of Torosaurus walked the floodplain-Pentaceratops, the "five-horned face," named for its combination of unusually long cheek horns, brow horns, and nasal horn.


The finest display of horned dinosaur heads anywhere in the world is located in the Cretaceous Hall of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.(dinosaur factory) The horned legions reached their greatest variety during Judithan times, a few million years earlier than the age of Triceratops. Judith River beds in Montana and Alberta have been very generous to dinosaurophiles. The New York museum displays Centrosaurus, a. short-frilled variety whose weak brow horns were compensated by an erect and very long horn over the snout.


Its close kin Styracosaurus possessed the great nose horn plus a magnificent set of curved spikes over the frill, giving its head a monumentally prickly appearance. Monoclonius is there too, with its stout nose horn. (life size dinosaur for sale)In general, Judith River horned dinosaurs sort out into two systems of attack. The first includes the genera with huge nose horns and weaker brow horns. (lifelike dinosaur for sale)These animals probably thrust their powerfully armed snouts straight upward as they tried to gore the softer underparts of a tyrannosaur. The second system includes the Triceratops like configurations-long brow horns curving forward. Such long brow horns are rare among the Judith fauna-but the species Chasmosaurus kaiseni is there to represent this second system.

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