Dinosaur Costumes

In the first half of this month, namely on 3rd August, the client from Austin in Texas, sent information to me that he wanted to order one walking dinosaur costume, but he wanted a smaller one for kids interactive entertainment in kids sizes, which were not the main manufacturing scope of our factory, because we normally manufacture adult dinosaur costumes, or will increase research and development cost.

T-rex dinosaur costumes

After explaining on the sizes, the client agreed to make the adult size dinosaur costume, and later on, the client asked highly required on the skin colors and texture handling, just like the another previous T-Rex costume, which was provided for one another USA client.

All the dinosaur costumes need to be custom-made according to the special operator sizes, or the operation will be not that comfortable, if the operator sizes are too big or too small for the dinosaur costume sizes, especially the hand operation inside, and the outlooking on the legs.

We finished to manufacture this T-Rex dinosaur costume only within 10 days, but we kept it several days in the factory, because the client needed days to prepare the balance payment by T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), we also took advantage of the days to test and modify the quality of the T-Rex costume, then we received the balance and set sail the dinosaur costume.

Normally the air case will be delivered to the shipping company/airline company firstly by a trailer, then the shipping company will arrange the air case into one container, and then put on one vessel.

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