Interactive Dinosaur Costume

Days no see, how is guys? I come back for the updates, but i just wonder how many dudes here have checked my last article about the three shocking interactive dinosaur costumes in South Africa?

Because you can know better when i am going to speak of the following stories about the second dinosaur costumes, which is the key point and make the stage show in South Africa start to be a great success.

This dinosaur costume is more colorful and bright, the texture and stripes are more clear, but you can see from the photos, that the yellow dinosaur suit is much more higher than the first one, it is because the operator is with different sizes, all the interactive dinosaur costumes will be custom-made according to the operator sizes, then the operators can perfectly control the dinosaurs.

The interactive dinosaur costume is tested in the factory

It is so amazing that our workers can not wait to try on and ask for recording one video, you can see the movements are so smooth and flexible, this is what mostly matters and this is what most of the clients ask for, when the dinosaur costume arrived at South Africa, the clients gathered the dinosaur costume with the first one instantly, and let two operators put on the costumes to make the shows on the stage, the two dinosaur costumes interact each other and with the audience, finally the stage shows make great success with much profits all the time, attracting so many kids and people from all over the world, now the clients expect to order more costumes and even animatronic dinosaurs.

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