Inflatable Adult Costume Animatronic Dinosaur Suit For Sale

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Our company assigned relative couple of workers back to the factory, for catching up with the time to finish the group of dinosaur suits, one is the normal Raptor suit(18 kg only), another one is the big and fierce walking T-Rex suit(25 kg in total), withe all endeavors, we finally meet the time requirements by the UK clients, who needs the two costumes at the end of March, for their planned dinosaur shows.

Steel frames making: our workers are adjusting the steel and circuit as well,

Dinosaur suit (3)


Sculpting and modelling: the artists need to coordinate with the workers who are stacking the sponge on the skin.

Dinosaur suit (2)


Painting by the experienced workers: the painters will do the painting according to the manufacturing plan, it is stated with all the requirements of the clients.



Painting works are being done at the same time: the painting works are very pungent, so needing professional painters.



Testing and performing before transportation: performing as testing.




Get though the testing, then transporting to the warehouse of shipping company, ready to ship: normally packed with wooden cases, or air cases if asked specially.