Indoor Exhibited Animatronic Dinosaur T-rex

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Indoor Exhibited Animatronic Dinosaur T-rex


realistic T-rex model


I am taking an example of one of my clients, who ordered the indoor animatronic dinosaur many times, and the client also order outdoor animatronic dinosaurs, T-Rex dinosaur is the type of dinosaur the client loves most, especially the T-Rex with more movements.


The client has good contracts with the govenment to establish two projects. One is the annual dino expo in johannesburg and durban and the other is a dinosaur theme park. You can see the tickets are online booking already and


The client also invested lots of funds in marketing the expo and recreating some of the dinosaurs. the client has budgeted 20 000 usd for the expo and has prepared the exhibit. Most of the money goes to advertising on radio and TV and billboards.


animatronic dinosaur t-rex


The expo needs the talking tree, snake, small puppets, and flexible t-rex, can help the expo to open many doors to make good money for the future.


The dino expo business is good in my country at the moment. One of another expo made over 5 million usd just on tickets sales in June and august this year.his expo called days of the dinosaurs it was in johannesburg and capetown.


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